IDD Magazine

The First Digital Out OF Home magazine dedicated to Lifestyle is born


Coaching contents| from 12 September 2018, content reachs Out OF Home.

In VG Pubblicità installations, normally used exclusively for adv campaigns, comes a Magazine with services and info for the city and its events.

A weekly magazine, composed by Mondadori Group brands’new contents.

iDD Magazine is

✓ Possibility to create shows
✓ A new relationship between people and installations
✓ Creation of a real service for citizens
✓ An editorial plan studied to create ENGAGEMENT for a large and composite audience
✓ Contents studied for their specific support and for a fruition with installations interacting among themselves in a unique way on the italian adv market
✓ A format with a strong bond with all Milan Events weeks
✓ Creating happenings, through streaming, that ensure memorability to brands’ communication

Why IDD Magazine? Because IDD Magazine is the new relationship with people for OOH, and a bond of contents with Milan Events Weeks

We give unique shapes to communication


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