Traditional Out of Home: The Big Impact

The maximum impact for visibilty & strategic positioning.

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maxi impianti ferrari17
maxi impianti portanuova7
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maxi impianti portanuova
maxi impianti portanuova1
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maxi impianti portanuova6

Maxi Billboard Porta Nuova | Via Ferrari


The Maxi Billboard protagonist both in Porta Nuova and the access in the district.
A unique impact to create emotion and involvement.
The best billboard to communicate at best a brand value.
Dimension:105x9 + 13x9 + 4x9

A Tradition of Maxi Installations protagonist during the years

Milan Garibaldi 123
Milan Gioia
Padua via Trieste
Maxi Billboard Lecce
Milan Mascagni
Milan Ferrari Farini
Milan Cinema Anteo
Padua P.zza dei Signori
Milan Mambretti
Milan Stazione Garibaldi
Milan P.zza del Carmine
Riccione Viale Ceccarini

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