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The maximum impact for visibilty & strategic positioning.

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Maxi Billboard Porta Nuova | Via Ferrari


The Maxi Billboard protagonist both in Porta Nuova and the access in the district.
A unique impact to create emotion and involvement.
The best billboard to communicate at best a brand value.
Dimension:105x9 + 13x9 + 4x9

A Tradition of Maxi Installations protagonist during the years

Maxi Billboard P.zza Cordusio

A Maxi Billboard in a unique location that allows its visibility even in P.zza Duomo.

Maxi Billboard Milan Garibaldi 123

The most prestigious installation in Corso Garibaldi. The Maxi installation of trait d’union between Corso Garibaldi and Corso Como.

Maxi Billboard Milan Gioia

A Maxi installation protagonist of the new district of Porta Nuova & protagonist even in the zone of the new Region Skyscraper. Positioned in the relevant automotive traffic way of Melchiorre Gioia. More of 2.800 mq of exposition.

Maxi Billboard Padua via Trieste

Maxi Installations protagonist of the streets with more automotive traffic near the center of the city, between the Cappella degli Scrovegni and Padova Fiere.

Maxi Billboard Lecce

A Maxi Installation on the column of Sant’Oronzo, symbol of the city in the most important square of the city between Piazza Mazzini & Piazza Duomo where all tourists visit the city.

Maxi Billboard Milan Mascagni

A Maxi Installation protagonist in the first circle of the most important city in Italy.

Maxi Billboard Milan Ferrari Farini

A Maxi installation in a position essential to reach the north highway & Malpensa, with great visibility from 4 ways that cross the installation which are part of the busiest for the city.

Maxi Billboard Milan Cinema Anteo

A Maxi Installation in the prestigious P.zza XXV Aprile, covering all the zone of Bastioni Porta Nuova and the ring road.

Maxi Billboard Padua P.zza dei Signori

A Maxi Installation protagonist in the most historical square of Padua, a pedestrian zone full of restaurants where everybody in the city goes.


Maxi Billboard Milan Mambretti

The installation with more impact for dimensions and positioning, sided on the crossroads with more traffic for entering/exiting the city.

Maxi Installation Milano Stazione Garibaldi

A filmed coverage of the skycraper of Ferrovie dello Stato: 2.200 mq of coverage.

Maxi Billboard Milan P.zza del Carmine

A Maxi Installation protagonist at the center of Brera, with a very big impact on the famous P.zza Santa Maria del Carmine, via Ponte Vetero and via Madonnina.

Maxi Billboard Riccione Viale Ceccarini

A Maxi Installation in viale Ceccarini, the most important and fashion avenue of Riccione, capital of mass tourism in Italy. In the nearby is full of bars, restaurants and shops and there is even the simily renowned via Dante and most prestigious hotels.

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