Outdoor Railway Transit

Railways’ Stations: areas of usual movement for commuters & travelers but today even places of aggregation

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Outdoor Railway Transit

VG Pubblicità signed a contract with Centostazioni Retail-Altarea Cogedim Group realated with the development of all media&advertising activities for five crucial national stations: installations and maxi installations, traditional & digital, internal & external to the stations, engagement activities, events, etc.

The choosen stations are protagonists both for their traffic and their location in strategical points of the cities, and they are: Milano Stazione Garibaldi, Torino Porta Susa, Padua, Roma Ostiense and Napoli Afragola.

Garibaldi station is the new crossroads of Milan that is renewed. It is the city's main station for commuter traffic. In the station is possible the interchange between numerous international, national and regional railway lines, metropolitan and surface lines. It represents the point of maximum impact with focus for anyone who wants to communicate to those who circle between the new Piazza Gae Aulenti, Garibaldi Station and Corso Como.

Roma Ostiense Station

In the Roma Ostiense station, the daily number of journeys managed by Trenitalia is around 390. Regional and Intercity trains run here. It is a fundamental node of urban exchange, thanks to the numerous connections between railways (Tyrrhenian line for Pisa / Genoa) - underground - surface bus - trams and taxis. From here also the lines of the regional railways of Lazio pass: FL1 Orte-Fiumicino Airport L. Da Vinci, FL3 for Viterbo and FL5 for Civitavecchia. In the Roma Ostiense junction there is also the line B of the Rome underground and the Rome-Lido urban railway.

Torino Porta Susa Station

The Torino Porta Susa train station is a fundamental hub for the city. It has six tracks and here pass both the Piedmont regional train service, Intercity, Frecce Trenitalia and TGV high-speed trains to France and Milan / Rome. It is possible to interchange with the lines of the urban bus and tram network and with the Metro, managed by the Torinese Trasporti Group, which takes place in piazza XVIII Dicembre and in corso Bolzano. In corso Bolzano, many extra-urban lines serving the metropolitan city are also terminated. The Station has won the title of "Best large station in the EU 2013" by the European Rail Congress.

Engagement Areas

Exclusive Spaces of Communication and Selling Experience in the hot-spots of the greatest High Speed Stations in Italy.

The Padova train station is on the Milan-Venice line. Lines branch off from it to Bologna and Bassano. The station has ten tracks. The traffic is around 450 trains a day. The station, in addition to the normal services, has bars, restaurants, shops, supermarket and post office.

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